Sunday, 19 July 2015

jQuery Effects

1. jQuery hide() ans show()




Hide() function with speed parameter:


2. jQuery toggle()

you can toggle between the hide() and show() methods with the toggle() method.


3. jQuery Fade Method

With jQuery you can fade an element in and out of visibility.
jQuery has the following fade methods:
  • fadeIn()
  • fadeOut()
  • fadeToggle()
  • fadeTo()

fadeOut() and fadeToggle() are same as above.



The required speed parameter specifies the duration of the effect. It can take the following values: "slow", "fast", or milliseconds.
The required opacity parameter in the fadeTo() method specifies fading to a given opacity (value between 0 and 1).
The optional callback parameter is a function to be executed after the function completes.
    $("#div1").fadeTo("slow", 0.15);
    $("#div2").fadeTo("slow", 0.4);
    $("#div3").fadeTo("slow", 0.7);

4. jQuery slide Method

<div id="flip">Click to slide the panel down or up</div>
<div id="panel">Hello world!</div>

jQuery has the following slide methods:
a ) slideDown()
     $("#panel").slideDown();  });
b) slideUp()
c) slideToggle()

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